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Travel with Soenil Bahadoer

Global events and                             presents:

A unique 7-day travel sensation for bon vivants.

Travel with Soenil and experience culture, food & beautiful places like never before.



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Travel as it is meant to be

Like staying on an estate where 130 years ago the maharaja of Alwar in lavish style had his base camp for his royal tiger hunts.

For those who are tired of predictable 5-star hotels and uninspired executive trips, there is still a lot to experience. Soenil takes you to the best the world has to offer in terms of unique experiences, pure culinary indulgence and heavenly places to stay.

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Star dinners with local products

During the entire trip, Soenil guarantees authentic taste sensations. Dining al fresco in places where tables are rarely seen. A harmonious composition of peace, space, wellness, adventure, untouched nature, colorful cultures and insights into local life.

In collaboration with local chefs, who know their regional products like no other, something magical is created. The culinary touch of Spicy Chef Soenil Bahadoer is inspiring, intense and full of passion. And you can taste it!

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Frans Kriesels of Global Events, in collaboration with the local population, has put together a unique program especially for Spicy Chef: insights into local life, an adventure in untouched nature, admiring undiscovered cultural treasures, undergoing wellness experiences and attending spiritual ceremonies and rituals.

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